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March, 2011 RFID Sensor Systems offers new fully passive tag with ferroelectric 16kbit memory partnering with Ramtron Internationalg

RFID Sensor Systems launches a fully passive RFID tag T070-16 with ferroelectric memory partnering with Ramtron International. The ferroelectric memory provides a much higher on-tag read/write speed together with a read range that is the same as the write range.  The tag has extended memory 16,000 bits greatly extending the application space for high performance fully passive RFID tags

April, 2011 RFID Sensor launches EPC Gen2 launches sensor systems for food traceability and biomedical monitoring

RFID Sensor introduces its economy fully-passive temperature sensing ST0xx tags for food in transit monitoring and autonomous long-term sensing applications. The sensor tags monitor temperature from otherwise inaccessible locations with an economy reader system ST008 solution.  Another sensor system ST100 with acoustic sensors  is also launched using the handheld I003 reader.

2010 RFID Sensor funded by NSF for R + D commercialization of revolutionary new RFID tag antenna

September, 2010 RFID Sensor Systems announces a breakthrough innovation of an antenna for passive RFID tags providing an increase of range up to 300% over existing Gen2 Class1 tags. Continued fundamental R+D work to furhter optimize this miniature antenna is funded under the National Science Foundation SBIR program for USA small business.

July 2010 Best in class EPC Gen2 RFID with fully passive 150 feet range

RFID Sensor introduces its T070 EPC Gen2 Class1 technology configured into fully passive UHF RFID tags with metal mount range upto 150 feet. This tag is available for volume applications immediately.

2009 RFID Sensor demonstrates long range UHF ID tag on buffalo farm

Long range UHF animal ID eartags are used to automate a buffalo farm with 200 animals.

2008 Hi-Res RFID Temperature Sensors Demonstration

RFID Sensor Systems demonstrated its new passive  precision temperature and humidity sensors at Sensors Expo, June 8-11, 2008, Rosemont, IL.   

2008 NJCST Funding   

We are pleased to announce that the New Jersey Commission on Science and Technology (NJCST) has provided $500,000 in funding, to be used to complete development of our RFID  temperature and humidity sensor product.  RFID Sensor Systems demonstrated its new precision temperature and humidity sensors at Sensors Expo,  June 8-11, 2008, Rosemont, IL. 

2007 National Science Foundation Funding:

An SBIR award was received by RFID Sensor leading to the commercialization launch of wireless biomedical systems with passive sensor tags customized for biomedical applications.

2005 NASA Sensor Funding

In January, 2007 our team successfully demonstrated a vital signs sensor for NASA. The goal of the project was to develop and implement radio frequency identification (RFID) with sensors for specific applications.  Selected sensors included an  add-on MEMS  sensor to monitor vital signs activity of an astronaut either during a flight mission or in training.

2004 Inertial Measurement Unit for Navy

An inertial measurement IMU system developed for the US Navy with funding from the Office of Naval Research. We completed development and demonstration of a high-g (20,000g) inertial measurement unit that has bias stability at the 1 milli-g level for acceleration, and 10 deg/hour for rate sensing in 3-dimensions.  The sensors utilize patented MEMS technology.

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